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Blind Spot Mirror

Blind Spot Mirror

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Engineered to Deliver a Bigger Image

The unique Car Blind Sport Rear-View Mirror is engineered to deliver you a bigger and better image of your surroundings.

It is engineered to make the roads safer by solving all your blind spot problems. The small yet powerful mirrors on each side can help you see what needs to be addressed, hence making driving easier!

Expand Your View

We know the feeling you get when changing lanes or merging on a highway without knowing whether there’s a car right next to you!

This is a difficult situation, and it has shattered the confidence of drivers for ages.

That’s where our Car Blind Sport Rear-View Mirror steps in and offers better visibility while merging lanes. Just adjust the mirror according to.

Improve Driving Safety

While driving, it's essential to keep an eye on what's happening with the back wheel. We've all been there when a kid suddenly runs behind the car while reversing, and we had no idea they were present in the first place.

The Car Blind Sport Rear-View Mirror allows you to keep an eye on all the rear car tires. Always keep an eye on the blind spot and never miss a single thing.

Silica Gel Adjusts Strongly

The Car Blind Sport Rear-View Mirror uses a strong 3M double-adhesive that allows it to stick to the mirror quickly.

On top of that, its durable butterfly silica gel design adjusts according to every possible car mirror.

Easy Adjustments

This product allows a smooth 360° rotation. Both mirrors can be adjusted separately and offer easy adjustment.

Either keep both small mirrors focused on the wheels, or adjust them to see other blind spots you need to be aware of.


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