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Fill Your Home with a Great Festive Environment!

Christmas is just around the corner! Santa is getting ready to distribute gifts, and the elves are already working. But, your home seems to lack the Christmas vibes each year. Yes, you put a tree and decorate it, but it always lacks the festive environment you've always wanted.

Well, not anymore because Ozoloo brings you the Climbing Santa – a toy that brings Santa to your place and helps you out with the decorationsjust kidding!! This toy amps up the festive vibes of any place by bringing lots of music, fun, and colors!

HO HO HO…Gotta Help You Decorate!

The Climbing Santa never stops! Moves up and down on the ladder while making it appear larger than life. Imagine having kids around the house watching Santa go up and down all day long!

And the best part is that it is of the perfect size – which means that you get to hang it indoors and outdoors as a decoration without any hassle.

As Good As the Real Santa

Now, we want you to know that unlike the real Santa Claus, this little Santa is made from high-quality PVC and plush material. This means that after ordering, you get to avoid pilling and depilation as it is safe and durable.

Proprietary Design

This is where things get serious. The ladder of this toy is designed on the basis of the dual-track model, which means that the Santa will climb up and down as long as the batteries last without stopping for a minute.

Thanks to the dual-track mode, you can turn the Santa upside down and have some fun!

LED Decorations

Santa doesn’t just climb up and down or sing you songs – he comes with LED decorations tied to his back so that you get a glowing atmosphere whenever he moves. These LEDs are powered by the batteries and appear as if Santa is decorating the tree for you!


Q. What is the weight of this product.

A. The product is 1.25 pounds in weight.

Q. What is the size of this toy?

A. The overall length of this toy is 65cm, whereas Santa Claus is 19 × 9cm.

Q. What batteries are required for this toy?

A. This toy is powered by 2x AA batteries.

Order this Climbing Santa & Fill Your Place with Festivities!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jaicee Kameron

Everyone wants my elf! Beautiful details and music (should you wish to turn it on) is actually pleasant/tolerable! The elf climbs slowly up and down the ladder with his string of Christmas lights. This thing is adorable!! It made the Christmas tree come to life. Brought me back to a simpler time. Great purchase!

Diantha Farleigh

I love this little guy. It's a little bit noisy when he's going up and down the ladder but you really can't hear it if you have the music playing. I love decorating for Christmas and this little guy was the icing on the cake. He definitely puts a great final touch to our tree.

Birche Dannell

It was easy to assemble and works great. It is very cute and we have received many compliments. It just keeps going up and down the ladder with no problems. I don't listen to the music as to me, it gets annoying to listen to all the time. The kids and adults all love it. It has an on and off switch for him as well as for the music. The head can be turned in whatever direction you would like him to be facing. So glad I purchased him.