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Christmas Cookie Dough Roller

Christmas Cookie Dough Roller

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Cherish Love, Cookies, and Awesome Memories this Christmas!

Oh, it’s our favorite season of the year!! A time for every family to gather around and share stories, love, and well, cookies?

But, getting plain old cookies is too mainstream…That's why we bring you the Christmas Cookie Dough Roller. It presents the easiest way to prepare Christmas cookies within minutes by engraved rolling pins made of high-quality maple wood.

The Nicest Patterns for the Tastiest Cookies

So, from wanting a snowflake cookie to having reindeers all over the place – with the Christmas Cookie Dough Roller you get a wide variety of rolling pin options to choose from.


Love, Memories, and Everything in Between

Did someone say cookies?? Yumm!! Now, we all know that everyone loves cookies, right? But with the Christmas Cookie Dough Roller, you get to make everything even more special. Get your little ones involved in the baking and watch them have fun while making dough with beautiful patterns. Oh, and not to mention the joy of eating beautifully designed cookies.


Q. What types of pin designs can I choose from?

A. You can choose from Snowflakes 35CM, Reindeer 35CM, Merry Christmas 35, Deer A, and Deer B designs.

Q. What is the best way to prevent it from cracking?

A. The best way to keep it preserved is by drying with a cloth after use and storing it in a cool, ventilated place! Vegetable oils can be applied periodically in a dry environment to avoid cracking.

Order the Cookie Dough Roller and Make Beautiful Memories!

This roller is available today at a whopping 50% discount. Place your order today before the price goes up!

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