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Cat Lovers Hoodie

Cat Lovers Hoodie

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Hoodie for the Perfect Snuggle Time with Your Cat

Aren’t cats the best pets in the world? They sure have some attitude but their adorable purrs keep you coming back for love over and over again!

Ozoloo™ brings you the perfect Cat Lovers Hoodie that allows you to spend more time with your little munchkin. Made from comfortable polyester, this unique pullover, allows you to carry your cat around for the perfect snuggle time.


Keep Your Munchkin Close to Your Heart!

Being a cat parent is such a bliss and snuggle times are the best! The Cat Lovers Hoodie by Ozoloo™ helps you come closer to your cat by allowing you to keep it close to your heart. Its comfortable pouch has a soft well-stitched liner that is easy to clean.

Unzip the main pouch and make your cat sit around and have some fun time. It comes with a smaller pouch in case your cat is a little ball of fur. Ideal for individuals whose cat is their emotional support animal.

A Style that Never Gets Old

Carrying your pet around in your hoodie is fun. Getting a chance to do it in style? Even better! The Cat Lovers Hoodie takes your styling sense into account and comes with a design that’s never going to get old.

It endorses the classic hoodie look, but with a little twist. The unique hoodie design ensures your comfort as you move around doing your daily chores.

No Flimsy Syndrome for this Hoodie

The hoodie is stitched in such a way that its shape doesn’t distort – even after carrying your pet’s weight and repeated washes.

Its strong zippers, thick woven drawstring with leather-look ends make sure that the hoodie never gets torn or disfigured!


Q. What are the dimensions of the pouch?

A. The Inner Pet Pouch Dimensions are 14" (35.56cm) Width, 9" (22.86cm) Height and 4" (10.16cm) Depth.

Q. How much weight can it support?

A. The pouch can easily support around 17.3 Lbs (8 Kilos).

Q. Is this hoodie machine-washable?

A. Yes, this hoodie is machine-washable and it won't become flimsy or lose color even after multiple washes.

Order Today and Never Leave Your Kitty Alone!

Ideal for those whose pets are emotional support to them. Keep your kitty closer and order now before the stock runs out!!


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