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Car window sun protector (2pcs)

Car window sun protector (2pcs)

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Keep the Sun at Bay and Reduce Your Car's Temperature!

As the summer sun shines bright – wouldn’t it be great to have an extra layer of protection from its heat and harmful UV rays?

Don’t worry…because Ozoloo brings you this smart Car Window Sun Protector™! You can keep the sun at bay and keep your friends and family safe with this innovative product. Give your car a pleasant feel by lowering its temperature – even during the hottest days of the year.

Traveling in a Hot Day by Car Made Easy

The Car Window Sun Protector™ covers your window from the inside and from the outside to keep the temperature inside the car down. This helps you stay safe from skin burns and prevents nausea due to excessive heat.

Did you know that prolonged exposure to sun discolors your car’s interior? Don't sweat because this sun protector will make sure it doesn't happen to your vehicle by keeping the heat outside.

PS. The stretchy mesh material covers your window and offers a stylish look while allowing you to open the windows without any hassle.

Benefits that Leave You in Awe

  • Light as a Feather The Car Window Sun Protector™ is lightweight, and you can even fold it effortlessly and store it in your car.
  • Machine Washable – This protector can is machine washable, which means that it can be reused multiple times.
  • No Chance of Damage – This sun protector is completely made from silk polyester, which means that it doesn’t come with sharp edges and can never damage your windows.


Q. When it rains, will the water be absorbed into the mesh?

A. The water will not extend into the car, and it will not do any damage to your car when it rains. But it will be better for you to close your car window when the rain is pouring it will soak in.

Q. When parked, how easily can people see into the car?

A. The small mesh gives you a lot of privacy. This makes it best for passengers who often end up working while traveling and mothers who require privacy for nursing.

Order Today to Enjoy Pleasant Car Rides All Summer Long!

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