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Car Seat Comfortable Headrest

The Perfect Headrest You Could Wish for is Here!

Do you often find yourself on the road – husting your way through life? Are you planning a long trip now that things are starting to go normal? If yes, then you need to seriously consider a headrest that supports your neck and spine while making you feel comfortable during driving.

Ozoloo takes care of that for you with this Car Seat Comfortable Headrest. This headrest lets you rest your head in a comfortable position so that you can drive for hours without any neck or backache.

Memory Foam that Adjusts According to Your Neck Shape

The Car Seat Comfortable Headrest™ is made from comfortable memory foam that has an ergonomic design.It offers great support for your cervical spine and head by automatically adjusting according to your comfortable resting position.

The Headrest Your Car Was Missing

This headrest is exactly what your car was missing. It eases your neck pain and offers support by letting you rest your head while driving. Extremely comfortable and supportive, perfect for the driver seat and passenger seat.

Oh, and the best part is that it is very easy to attach to your seat and you can do it without removing the original headrest.

Breathable and Removable Cover

What’s the point of using a headrest that doesn’t let you clean it? With the Car Seat Comfortable Headrest™, you get to remove the cover and machine wash it without any hassle.

Another useful thing about this headrest is that the cover is made of breathable and soft cloth which keeps the air circulating.

Two Layers for Durability

This headrest uses thick and high-density memory foam that remembers your neck shape after initial use. It comes with an extra inner cover that ensures durability and helps avoid exposure to sweat and dust.


Q. What is the size of this headrest?

A.The length of this headrest is 36cm, whereas its width is 30cm.

Q. What is the outer cover made of?

A. The overall body of the outer cover is made of PU leather, whereas the front area is made of breathable mesh material. The cover can be removed and washed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shirley Rikward

An excellent product! Really nice shape, very comfortable support to rest my head back. Its a significant improvement to my desk chair and amazed more don’t have this shape built in. I’m a 6’4 guy so worried it may not strap high enough on the headrest but no problem whatsoever because it straps vertically and horizontally to stop it sliding down.

Karissa Griffin

I have chronic pain and whiplash, so I've been looking for a supportive pillow which dampens the jolts from holes and speed bumps. Over the years I've tried more than 15 different neck support cushion designs. This is the best one I've found.

Beverley Demasone

A friend of mine actually alerted me to the existence of neck pillows, and I'm glad he did, as they make a world of difference. This one is made of a super comfortable memory foam and moulds to contours of the back of your head, neck and shoulders for a perfect fit. I found having the pillow sit just above my shoulders to be the most comfortable position, and leaving my headrest in the highest position allowed enough of an angle that the pillow sat perfectly rested on my neck and head.