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Bra Travel Organizer

Bra Travel Organizer

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Keep Your Essentials Organized When on the Go!

Let's face it! We spend hours packing our stuff before traveling and the bras always end up getting buried under the pile of clothes. Each time you need one, you have to dig through other clothes only to find it all de-shaped and wrinkled.

Not anymore! Because Ozoloo brings you the Bra Travel Organizer. It helps you keep your bras organized when on the go and helps you prevent smashing, crushing, or de-shaping of your wires.

The Protective Layer You Need!

The Bra Travel Organizer keeps your bras, lingerie, and even makeup protected from getting squished. At the same time, it helps you find them easily amidst all the clothes and keeps everything organized for you.

Quality that Speaks for Itself!

Yes! Don’t take our word for the quality – the travel organizer speaks for itself. It uses premium EVA foam to keep your bras delicately tucked in and protects them. This semi-rigid EVA foam allows the bra organizer to be easily packed in any travel bag.

It perfectly protects your delicate intimates from damage & tears.

Oh, and the best part? This case is resistant to spills from liquids & chemicals. This means that it will protect your bras from damage by makeup & toiletries that could spill in your bag.

Make Your Style Statement

This is your chance to strut out in style with this organizer and never worry about keeping things organized. It has been designed to make travel more fun and enjoyable for women. Imagine a trip without frustrations!

Versatile Usage

The Bra Travel Organizer comes in several designs and offers versatility like never before. It can hold 3-4 bras and can only be used for A cup, B cup, and C cup. Aside from bras, you also get to put make-ups or accessories in it too.


Q. What is the size of this organizer?

A. The organizer is available in two size categories: 32×16.5×6.5cm and 31.5×8×17cm

Q. What material is this made from?

A. This bra organizer is made from EVA. It is an elastomeric polymer that is "rubber-like" in softness and flexibility.

Order this Bra Organizer and Make Every Trip Hassle-Free!

The bra organizer hat is available today on a whopping 50% discount. Place your order today before the price goes up!

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