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Boxing Reflex Ball

Boxing Reflex Ball

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Best Way to Train During Quarantine!

You don't have to sit around and be dedicated to your couch during the quarantine. This Boxing Reflex Trainer by Ozoloo™ is the best way to mix up your routine!

Already working out? Great! Make your workouts effective by toning your upper body muscles with this boxing reflex ball.

The best part is that this product is also safe to be used by kids. Keep your little ones active even at home by getting them this productive reflex trainer.

Practice Anytime, Anywhere

Suitable for people of all ages, professional boxers, and even amateurs! The Boxing Reflex Trainer by Ozoloo™ fits into a small pouch that can be carried around with ease.

Its pre-determined range and ease of use make it the best product for practicing at home.

Imagine training your reflexes and toning your upper body muscles in the comfort of your home!

Soft Ball that Doesn’t Hurt!

Tie the band on your forehead and start punching the 19g soft PU Ball. It is so safe that even an individual who is undergoing physical rehab could use it without a worry in the world.

Its lightweight makes it an excellent gift for individuals in a wheelchair willing to burn calories during the quarantine.

And hey! Don’t worry about sore knuckles or swollen eyes. The ball is soft which makes punching fun.

Improve Reaction, Speed & Concentration

Start with gently hitting the ball downwards and slowly pick up momentum. With this product, you’ll get to improve your reaction, speed, and concentration by ten-folds.

The flexible rope allows you to practice in every possible direction. This allows you a chance to test your reflexes. The rebound speed increases with the intensity of your punches, which helps burn fat quickly.

Order now and spend some fun and productive time during the quarantine.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Son Loves it!

My son is absolutely obsessed with this boxing trainer!!

Sandra G.
Nice Reflex Ball

I have been looking for a boxing reflex ball. This has a good quality and easy to set up. It is perfect to practice hand eye coordination, even your head too. It is not easy to catch it all the time because it is very fast, but it gets easier.

Susan P.
Helps teach kids how to watch ball for eye hand coordination

I got this to help my grandson with coordination. It is a good way to teach them to watch the ball and hit it.

Katy Jones
Great Product!

Aside from looking and feeling like a dork when I'm using this, it's an interesting exercise in hand/eye coordination. It is pretty difficult to get started with, I miss way more than I connect at this point. I am confident it will benefit me in the long run however.

Works Great

Works just as advertised. It was a purchase for my brother in law who is into martial arts. He says it’s great!