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Box Closet Organizer

Box Closet Organizer

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An Innovative & Safe Way to Store Items on High Shelves

Utilizing the space of high shelves can be tricky and unsafe at the same time. On the other hand, in order to save space, using these high spaces to store essential items is a must! This is a predicament most of us face, and there never seems to be a proper solution.

Until now! Because Ozoloo brings you the Box Closet Organizer™. This closet caddy gives your closet another life and makes it the neatest and easy to reach the place of your closet.

Boost Your Shelf’s Storage Without Any Hassle

With the Box Closet Organizer™, you get to increase your shelf’s storage space without any additional installations. This pull-down organizer allows you to retrieve items from high shelves and then put them away within no time. Forget about the hassle of using different things to increase your reach.

From organizing clothes, linens, games to keeping your garage tools or other important items – this organizer comes to you! Oh, and the best part? Its clear front panel lets you see and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Just Clip it!

Yes! You don't have to drill holes and whatnot. Simply clip onto wood or wire shelving and get ready for action. Its sturdy wireframes work well to support the organizer so that you never have to deal with things falling off.

PS. It comes with a base plate that increases its sturdiness, and you can place it inside before using the box to store items.


Q. How much weight can this organizer support?

A. The Box Closet Organizer™ can easily support 4kg weight.

Q. Can it be folded and stored easily?

A. Yes! This organizer can be folded down flat, which makes it easy to store.

Q. What types of items can it store?

A. This organizer can store toys, games, towels, linen, clothes, tools, pantry items and more.

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