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Booty Builder Resistance Band

Booty Builder Resistance Band

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Get the Shape You Desire! 

The Booty Builder helps you fit back into your college jeans by getting you the shape you desire.

Designed to get you working on both glutes as well as leg muscles, the Booty Builder helps you reduce weight while getting your booty in shape!

Get your shipment now and work towards building the ideal beach body this summer!

The comfort of Your Home

The Booty Builder Resistance Band is lightweight and can be used for a good workout anytime, anywhere.

This easy to carry workout band allows you to exercise from home without having to commute to the gym daily. 

It is designed to integrate with every popular workout program, including Yoga, Pilates, and more. The booty builder is also suitable for warming up and strength training from your home.

Sturdy Resistance Band

The Booty Builder Resistance Band is designed to last for a lifetime! Its thick and durable material coupled with double-sewn seams, ensure that the band never tears off.

Its tubes are made from natural latex rubber, which is both environmentally friendly and can be used without any foul smell. 

Just fit your sneakers or trainers in the foot loops and workout without having to worry about foot ache.

Different Levels of Resistance

The Booty Builder comes in different colors. Each color has a unique tensile strength number associated with it.

 Starting from 15lb, the resistance of the bands increases up to 35lbs – meaning that you can move to higher tensile strengths as you build your stamina.

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