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Baby Warm Cosy Romper

Baby Warm Cosy Romper

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Make Your Little One Look Like A Cute Munchkin!

Babies are the cutest beings on the planet. PERIOD! We do everything possible to make them look cuter than ever. But, not everything we do makes them feel comfortable.

To make sure you get to keep your little one comfortably warm as you dress them up, Ozoloo brings you the Baby Warm Cozy Romper! This ultra-cozy romper is unique, stylish, and soft to touch and it will make your baby feel comfortable like never before…

Oh! So Cute…

You betcha! Your baby will look so cute in this romper that you would want to stare at them in awe. Oh, and we almost forgot to tell you that these rompers are made from eco-friendly fabrics that are completely safe for your baby’s skin.

Thanks to its practical design, you can put on and take off this suit without any effort. This ensures that your baby gets dressed quickly without wearing a lot of things one step at a time.

PS. It's an absolute must-have for the colder days!

  • Cute Bunny Hoodie: This cozy romper comes with a cute hoodie that not only keeps them warm but also increases their cuteness ten fold. The hoodie has cute little ears that make them look even cuter.
  • Warm Cotton Filling: We wish to keep you moon pie tucked away warmly. That's why we've lined the romper with cotton so that your baby feels warmth while wearing it.
  • Threaded Cuffs: Your baby deserves the best! To make sure of it, our romper comes with a windproof thread design that not only lets your baby move comfortably but also ensures their comfort.



Q. Is it easy to change diapers in these rompers?

A. Yes! These rompers are designed for maximum convenience. It zips top to about mid-thigh. Without shoes on, you could easily bend knees and bring legs out to change like you would with footie PJs.

Q. Is it thick like a puff coat or thinner like a sweater?

A. This romper lies in the middle. It’s thicker than a sweater but not super thick like a puff coat. It’s probably more like a lined north face coat.

Q. Does it go well with the car seat?

A. Yes! It goes perfectly well with the car seat. The romper isn’t too thick to fit in.

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