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Atmospheric Leds™️

Innovative & Versatile Waterproof Lights for a Special Vibe

Lighting plays an important role when it comes to decorating the indoors or the outdoors! No matter what the place looks like, with the right lighting, you can turn any place into a fairytale that offers scenic views for your eyes.

Keeping that in mind, Ozoloo brings you Atmospheric LEDs™️ that let you create a cozy effect with their unique colors. Now you can upgrade your swimming pool, vases, aquarium, and the backyard with impressive lighting. 


Submerged Goodness

Forget the trouble of purchasing expensive waterproof lights by ordering the Atmospheric LEDs™️ today. These LEDs are waterproof, and they are specially designed to be submerged in water. They come with replaceable batteries so you can reuse them for an indefinite time

Effortless Installation

Did we say installation? You won’t need that because these Atmospheric LEDs™️ take away the burden of hiring expensive contractors to drill holesin your favorite place. Twist the cap as tightly as you can and place it in the water without any hassle.

More Colorful Than the Rainbow

Literally! These LEDs come with more than 16 color options in the static mode. One-touch of a button, and you get to change the entire look of where they are placed.

PS. The Atmospheric LEDs™️ comes with a remote control, which allows you to adjust brightness, colors, and turn the light on and off at your discretion.


Q. How many lighting effects do these LEDs have?

A. These LEDs have four different lighting effects: flash, strobe, fade, and smooth.

Q. What is the recommended depth for these LEDs to be submerged?

A. The recommended submergence depth is 2m. Anything lower than that might lead to water leakage due to excessive pressure.

Order Today to Fill Your Life with Lights!

If you order today, you will receive a whopping 50% discount on these unique LED lights.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leslie Oldwyn

We used these lights in our son's game room to add color and hung them up with double sided gorilla tape.

Then added them to my husband's clear floating shelves behind his bar. Gave a sleek look and club vibe without any Installation for both.

What a fun way to add color and runs on batteries is an added plus

Eallison Kordell

I bought these to put in a vase with water beads they look amazing and have a wide variety of color also have a rubber seal that keeps moisture out mine have been submerged for weeks and still work great

Britton Darel

I order this item strictly from all the wonderful reviews I was able to read, and these lights worked wonderfully. I used them inside a few different mansion jars, and they worked perfectly, it worked great for Valentine's Day weekend, keep up the great job 👍😎😁😃