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Antimicrobial Keychain

Antimicrobial Keychain

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A Smart Way to Avoid Shared  Surfaces

Did you know that an average office worker comes into contact with over 10 million microbes per day! And to make matters worse, it takes one bacterium 7 hours to multiply and become 2 million.

The world is changing rapidly, and you need to adopt a more germ conscious way of living. This is where the Antimicrobial Keychain steps in. Built from the inherently antimicrobial brass, this keychain by Ozoloo™ helps you decrease the risk of coming in contact with deadly germs while performing important everyday tasks.

Stop Putting Yourself at Risk!

Let's face it; you have to head out daily and expose yourself to viruses and bacteria present on the shared surfaces. With this Antimicrobial Keychain, you get to avoid that and save yourself and your family from catching a viral disease.

Gels in Well with Your EDC

The Antimicrobial Keychain by Ozoloo™ becomes a part of your Everyday Carry (EDC) easily by becoming your favorite life-saving keychain! Its ergonomic design allows you to open doors, tap elevator, and credit card buttons. This keychain works smoothly on touch screens and will enable you to perform digital signatures as well.

Stay Safe & Help Flatten the Curve!

This product comes with a unique set of benefits to make you safer.

  • Lightweight & Durable. The antimicrobial keychain is made to last! It's masterfully crafted without any joints, which makes it durable and lightweight at the same time.
  • Antimicrobial Tendency. You don’t have to worry about sanitizing this keychain over and over again because brass is inherently antimicrobial. At the same time, it is both recyclable and beautiful.
  • Firm Grip. The ergonomic design of this keychain comes with a hole for your finger to fit in, making its use easy!


Q. Is the product easy to clean?

A. Yes! The product contains no hard to clean areas and is built without joints. Both these features make it easy to clean.

Q. Does it work on touch screens?

A. Yes! The product works well on touch screens, and you can even perform digital signatures with it.

Q. Is brass helpful?

A. Studies tell us that brass (an alloy of copper and zinc) is naturally antimicrobial. Viral viruses can only live on brass and copper for a couple of hours as compared to plastic or stainless steel, where it can live for several days!

Order Today Before the Stock Runs Out! Don’t Take Risks & Protect Yourself and Those Around You. 

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