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Antibacterial Case For Protection Mask (1+1 FREE)

Antibacterial Case For Protection Mask (1+1 FREE)

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Play Your Part in Flattening the Curve!

Do you often move outdoors, now that things are starting to normalize? If yes, then you need to play your part in flattening the curve!

You might be maintaining a safe distance and abiding by protocols, but did you know that the very mask that keeps you and others safe can potentially spread the virus?

Yep, you’ve read it right! To help you keep those around you safe, Ozoloo brings you the Antibacterial Case for Protection Mask™. It allows you to store your mask while on the go without any hassle.

Keep Your Contaminated Mask Tucked Away!

With the Antibacterial Case For Protection Mask™, you get to have a space dedicated to storing your mask. Keeping it in your pocket or purse directly could lead to contamination. Therefore, it is best to keep it safely tucked away.

Made from antibacterial PLA silicone, the case decontaminates the mask and allows you to control the contamination.

Pocket Friendly:

This mask case is 130mm×130mm×15mm. This makes it ideal for storing in your pocket or purse. At the same time, it comes with an airtight seal that closes with a single click


And if all that’s not good enough. Did we tell you that this case is fully waterproof? This means that your mask is safe inside and ready to be used again whenever you move out.


Q. What is this case made of?

A. This case is made of PLA silicone plastic that has antibacterial tendencies.

Q. What is the size of this case?

A. The size of this case is 130mm×130mm×15mm.


Order Today Get 1 Case for Free While Keeping Everyone Around You Safe!

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