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Maintaining Healthy Humidity Levels Made Easy

With the changing season come dry and cool days…and with the heating turned on, the humidity levels of your place are bound to drop down. Having a place with less than 30% humidity leads to issues like asthma, eye irritation, dry lips, sinus, and a lot of allergies.

To help you maintain healthy humidity levels in your place, we bring you the Airfresh™. It is a portable humidifier that works silently to provide healthy room humidity.

Humidify Your Place Like Never Before

The Airfresh™ uses nanotechnology to disperse essential oils, fragrance, and humidity 10x better than any other humidifier on the market. Oh, and you can use this humidifier without pouring fragrance.

Just add water, connect it with a power supply and you will get silent humidification without any hassle.


Sleek Design that Revamps the Ambiance

Airfresh™ comes with a sleek and minimalistic design which helps it stand apart from other noisy humidifiers. And if that’s not good enough, it emits two different light settings so that you can revamp the ambiance of the room.

PS. You can also use it as your regular night light!

Automation that Takes the Hassle Away

You don’t have to turn it on or off every time you feel like adjusting the humidity. Airfresh™ comes with two different spray patterns that work according to your preference.

You can have it spray continuously for 4 hours only to be shut down automatically. Or you can have it spray at a lower speed and it will be shut down automatically in 6 hours.

Portability that Lets You Humidify on the Go

Since the Airfresh™ is compact and portable, you get to humidify every corner of your home. Place it wherever you like and spread fragrance and increase humidity without any hassle. Not only that, but you can take it with you during long trips and maintain your car’s humidity.


Q. What are the dimensions of Airfresh™?

A. This portable humidifier is 78X78X119mm.

Q. What is this humidifier made of?

A. ABS + silicone are the materials used in making this masterpiece.

Q. Does this humidifier need any source of electricity?

A. Yes, you only need to plug it with a USB cable and the humidifier will start working.

Order the Airfresh™ Today and Keep Your Place Humidified!

This humidifier is available at a whopping 50% discount. Place your order today before the price goes up! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lauraine Marwood

the weather in California is super dry and this humidifier machine helps me a lot!!!And the steam supply works well!!! The only problems is the machine has a little bit noise when it works but I can accept it!!! Thank you!!! I love it!!!

Farnly Haraford

This humidifiers looks great and decor well in bedroom or living room. The mist is super fine and can be adjusted in 2 different speed. The most impressive thing is that the humidifier is super quiet and I cannot even recognize when it is working. Cannot wait to try it with some oil essence!!

Belinda Darnell

Pretty good. Looks so cute! Much better than my previous one. Also, the volume is big enough and it is so quiet. So many advantages. Highly recommended