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Adjustable Nursing Pillow

Adjustable Nursing Pillow

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Comfortable Breastfeeding Sessions!

We understand that breastfeeding can get uncomfortable, given that you are always worried about your baby and the chances of occasional back and neck pain.

The Breastfeeding Pillow is designed to solve all the issues you face during breastfeeding and more!

Just lay your little one down on the pillow in a position that’s comfortable for you and the baby. This will help you steer clear from back pain and other issues you face during breastfeeding.

No More Reflux (GERD)

The Breastfeeding Pillow allows you to prevent acid reflux and GERD in babies, which is common during breastfeeding. 

Its stable height and angle automatically act as a way to keep the baby safe from any discomfort.

Keep your little one close to your heart and never see them suffer because of acid refluxes with this pillow.

Easy to Clean and Carry

We love babies and adore them. That's why we create products that make things comfortable and easy-going.

The Breastfeeding Pillow is made from PP cotton, which is easy to clean and restore. This pillow can be machine washed warm in a gentle cycle and can be tumble dried later. 

Its folding action allows it to be carried anywhere you want. Just fold the pillow and tie it with the colorful ribbon.

Use as You Please

The Breastfeeding Pillow can serve many purposes. You can use it as a pre-natal pregnant pillow, postnatal nursing, and sleeping pillow.

On top of that, the adjustability of the pillow allows you to use it in three different positions.

  • Cross-cradle (2 cushions leveled)
  • Football hold (1 cushion leveled), and
  • Upheld position (1 cushion elevated).

The football position is considered the best for moms recovering from C-sections because it doesn’t put pressure on the incision point.

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