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3 in 1 High Pressure Shower Head

3 in 1 High Pressure Shower Head

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Ultra-Comfortable Experience

The 3-in-1 High-Pressure Shower Head offers a comfortable experience that makes you want to stay in the shower for a while!

Its ability to throw water with pressure gives you a soothing massage experience by gently opening body pores. The different pressure options help you release fatigue while allowing your body to relax so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Features that Go Above & Beyond

The 3-in-1 High-Pressure Shower Head comes with features that go above and beyond to make you feel good.

Its unique stop button allows you to turn off the shower instantly without having to bother about opening or closing valves.

Moreover, the high-tech micro nozzle design enables the shower to deliver 200% more water speed!

Lastly, the shower head fits easily on any nozzle type and rotates at 360° to adjust according to your needs. 

Three Spray Patterns

The high-quality ABS and stainless-steel shower head come with three water flow options.

Rainfall: This mode is when you require a proper shower that drenches you in water and makes you feel revived again.

Jetting: The jet mode helps you stimulate your senses by offering you a SPA shower like experience while staying at home.

Massage: The third option of massage allows you to target specific areas to eliminate fatigue and pains.

Conserve Water!

3-in-1 High-Pressure Shower Head allows you to save water and do your part in conserving the environment. With the outlet holes being smaller and denser, the water comes out at a higher pressure because of the increased speed of water flow.

This alone helps you conserve up to 30% of the water on every shower you take!

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