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danny watkins

Bought this for my 10 year old grand daughter who has long frizzy hair that tangles horribly she loves it no more fighting her to get her hair brushed well worth the price was skeptical but decided to take a chance on brush and it works highly recommend to anyone with tangle issues

Amazing. Works wonders

My daughters call this the “magic” hair brush. It glides through their hair and has ended morning struggles. My daughter has autism and super long hair, and this brush is just a life saver. I’ve bought 4 more so one is always in reach

It really works and I'm not a bot!!!

Hello everyone, I'm a real person with extremly thin freezy and curly hair with lots of natural volume and I always had a hard and painful times to brush my hair. The only solutions for me was brushing my hair in the shower with tones of Conditioner!!! As you can see my hair, I was always in pain with all the brushes on the planet!!! Like a lot of us, I was like, why not try this? Maybe it will work??? It's a miracle for me!!! I can comb my hair WOAHHH!!!! No pain on top of it!!!! So if you think of buying this brush, YOU WON'T REGRETS IT!!! I DON'T REGRET BYING IT AND THE BEST PART, I GOT 2 FOR THE PRICE. What a treat for my hair and NO MORE PAINFUL brushing!!! Soooo freeking happy and thank God I took the chance to buy the brush!!! If you, or your children cry in pain for brushing there hair, this brush will be love by you and everyone. Trust me!!! I know what is the pain in brushing hair!!! Been there all my life. No more pain, no more crying and finally brushing is pleasant now with that brush!!! I hope it will help you take your decision to buy this brush and you won't loose your hair for brushing them like mine was breaking with regular brushes!!!! I love it and there's no way I will go back on regular brushes!!! Thank you!!!

Stacey Gednalski

I have thick long hair. I had a HUGE snarl underneath and I was prepared for the pain, BUT INSTEAD the brush went through my snarls like hot butter!! No lie!
I definitely will be buying more! My daughter has thicker hair than me and breaks her brushes trying to get through her wet hair. She is going to be so ecstatic when she tries this miracle brush!!!

Sam Price
Better than expected

This came up on my social media and I don’t normally go for things like that but after months of finding brushing my 3 year olds hair a nightmare, I was willing to try anything so went for it. I was pretty skeptical but I have to say it really does seem to be making a difference. She lets me brush her hair with less screaming and hiding and seems to be doing the job. So yes I would recommend it.

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