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danny watkins

Bought this for my 10 year old grand daughter who has long frizzy hair that tangles horribly she loves it no more fighting her to get her hair brushed well worth the price was skeptical but decided to take a chance on brush and it works highly recommend to anyone with tangle issues

Amazing. Works wonders

My daughters call this the “magic” hair brush. It glides through their hair and has ended morning struggles. My daughter has autism and super long hair, and this brush is just a life saver. I’ve bought 4 more so one is always in reach

Sam Price
Better than expected

This came up on my social media and I don’t normally go for things like that but after months of finding brushing my 3 year olds hair a nightmare, I was willing to try anything so went for it. I was pretty skeptical but I have to say it really does seem to be making a difference. She lets me brush her hair with less screaming and hiding and seems to be doing the job. So yes I would recommend it.

Shelley wilkinson

My 3 yr old granddaughter has recently been extremely poorly in ICU. As a result her beautiful long curly hair became all matted because she was too poorly on a ventilator to have it brushed or washed.

When she was finally off life support, we couldn’t get a hairbrush through her hair. It was just a mass of knots. I saw the Voremy ultra detangler and even though I was very sceptical and it was quite expensive, I was willing to try anything. At this stage we’d tried washing it, using detangling sprays, etc but nothing worked and she was in so much pain.

Anyway, the brush arrived and it was amazing. With some gentle brushing, we were able to detangle her hair.

It’s fabulous and I’d highly recommend it for those days when your hair is extra knotty. It gets rid of them painlessly!

Thank you so much!

Amazing Brush!!

I gave my grandaughter your brush today and had her try it and she absolutely loved it!
She loved how it massaged her head as she brushed her hair and loved that she didn't have to start
at the bottom and hold her hair so it wouldn't hurt. She also commented on how soft it felt after.
She also wanted to take it to school tomorrow so she could brush it during the day.
This comes from a 10+ yr old who hates to have her hair brushed!!
Thank you for such a wonderful product. I hope she doesn't lose it.
I enjoy mine also, My hair is 23" long and it went right through it.
I threw away my old brush. Now to see how it works on wet hair tomorrow.